The role of Range Finder in Golf Course

- Apr 26, 2016 -

In foreign countries, the range finder has been matured in the golf field, and China has gradually filled the gap in this field, and independently developed its own golf laser ranging and display system, the famous Nanjing Zhongshan Golf Course It is the first to quote this technology, which is also the best in the “China Tour of the Best Course”, “China Golf Awards – Best New Club”, “2007 My Favorite Golf Course – National Best” The club will serve the club, the best club facilities club, and the breakthrough of a series of awards such as “Hurun Report – the most popular Jiangsu golf course”.
The use of the range finder on the golf course makes it easier for the person practicing the ball to know the distance of each game. The golfer often knows that the ball is usually blocked by the bottom net in the driving range with a short distance. The hand can’t judge the actual drop point of the ball. In the long fairway driving range, when the ball falls more than 150 yards, it is difficult for the golfer to judge the actual flight distance of the ball. If the length of the ball reaches more than 300 yards, it is often There are members who can open more than 250 yards. For this reason, the clubs with strong service can help the members to better judge the falling point and the distance of the ball by using the range finder, and understand the stability and improvement of the ball.
It adopts the laser principle, through the one-to-one correspondence between transmission and reception, it can accurately calculate the falling point of the golf ball, collect the information of the initial motion state of the golf ball, and then calculate the collected information through the calculation processing equipment. Then, the result is transmitted to calculate the distance from the flight point of the ball to the position of the position; finally, the information of the calculation processing is received through the LED display portion, and displayed in a certain order, the player can watch the user through the display screen. The hitting distance to understand the stability and upgrade of the ball.

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