The Difference Between green Level and Red Level

- Apr 26, 2016 -

1. The red level meter projects infrared light, while the green level meter projects super strong green light. This is the main difference.
2. The super green light projected by the green light level is clearer than the red light, and the measurement range is also wider.
For the choice of red or green level, if you value the price, it is definitely red, cheap, green and expensive; if you look at the strength of the line, it must be green, green light is much brighter than red The green backlight is normal and the outdoor backlit wall can be seen on the top, but the red light is difficult; if it is stable, the stability of the red light is much stronger, the green light is more delicate, the sky is too cold. It will be unstable, the power is not enough, and it is not stable. If you are from the end of work, the red light is better, the power is less, and the green light is very expensive, unless you use lithium battery or can be charged. Battery; if you want to see the thickness of the laser line, the red line is normal and the green light is thicker. Of course, the glare type red laser line is also thick, and some laser lines are thicker than the green light. More, but also scattered, this has something to do with the goodness of the laser.

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