Hand Drill, Impact Drill, Use Precautions

- Apr 26, 2016 -

1. The metal casing should be grounded or zero-protected: the plastic casing should be protected from bumps, cockroaches and cockroaches, and should not be in contact with gasoline or other solvents;
2. When drilling, it is not advisable to use too much force to prevent overload; when the speed is significantly reduced, it should be stabilized immediately and the applied pressure should be reduced; when the rotation is suddenly stopped, the power must be cut off immediately.
3. When installing the drill bit, do not use a hammer or other metal products to strike. When holding the power tool, you must hold the handle of the tool. Do not pull the soft wire while moving the tool to prevent the soft wire from being scratched or cut. And being crushed and so on.
4. The smaller workpiece must be fixed firmly before being drilled, so as to ensure that the workpiece does not rotate with the drill when drilling, thus ensuring the safety of the operator.
5. The vents (holes) of the outer casing must be kept clear; care must be taken to prevent debris and other debris from entering the casing.

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