Effective means to Avoid Risks in the Level Market

- Apr 26, 2016 -

One of the most feasible ways is to enable capital to flow freely from the level enterprise. Through the flow of capital, capital can be invested in the highest-return level enterprise, and capital can be withdrawn from the risky enterprise. As a result, the capital of the level enterprise is required. Liquidity and high liquidity, capital begins to be stockized, especially stock, and enters the market circulation of level products. In the process of separation of powers, the more thorough the separation, the more important the control, the more control needs to be expert, and the owner The flow of capital exerts pressure on the operators of the level instruments. As a result, the control of the business operators begins to move from direct control to indirect control. This indirect control is based on the premise that the owner does not directly interfere with the operation of the level enterprise. Only then can it be done.

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