China’s Power Tool Industry is Maturing

- Apr 26, 2016 -

For a long time, China’s power tool companies rely on cheap labor to maintain export business, many companies have created inertia, in order to meet processing requirements, companies are more willing to rely on increasing labor without increasing production efficiency and production equipment level, but the financial crisis has completely smashed power tools. Low price competition.” Only after the change will be made, after the export is blocked, China’s power tool enterprises will focus on product transformation and upgrading while expanding the domestic market. In the past two years, China’s power tool products have developed rapidly, and new products have made a leap in terms of appearance, quality, performance, and added value of functions. Power tool companies pay more attention to technological improvement, focus on improving the added value of products, and innovative products have become a weapon to consolidate and expand the domestic market. The power tool industry has new products almost every month.

China’s power tool OEM enterprises are huge, and most products lack brand awareness, which also affects product exports. After a number of power tool brands have been cultivated, the industry has already had a certain influence. With the fierce competition in the domestic power tool market, after-sales service has become an important factor in testing the competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprises should not only understand and meet the needs of users, but also provide them with reasonable after-sales service. This requires power tool companies not only to be familiar with the performance of their products. It is even more important to maintain close contact with customers. For the country’s power tool companies, this is easier to achieve in the domestic market.

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